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Shop Online? Claim your Cashback

Online shopping has saved us from many a toddler melt down amongst the clothing racks BUT, if you shop online make sure you shop savvy and go through cashback sites such as



All you have to do is register, then every time you go online to buy something go through the cashback site to purchase.

In a year we earned over £300 – goes along way towards helping cover the cost of the Christmas shop.

Swap Baby Wipes for Flannels (well in the face dept anyway!)

If you’re like me there was a point in the early days of parenting where I wondered what on Earth I did before baby wipes?!  I used them to wipe the table, mop up drool, dust!  You name it the baby wipes came out.

Suddenly I found I was going through mountains of them and the kids insisted on using hundreds of them throughout mealtimes.  STOP.

The answer.  FLANNELS.  Grab a few old flannels keep them with your tea towels and use one a day. Then simply wash.

Save on the environment, save on your pocket.

Lego Rental


The kids love it but it gets lost behind the sofa, up the Hoover and swallowed by the baby!  LEGO

There are sites cropping up nationwide where you can hire sets for a monthly subscription fee.

We Love Bricks

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