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North and Soul by our very own mumbler, Gillian Bruce.

The Future of Downs Written by an amazing and inspirational friend of Mumbler, Helen Kingdon.

Shrinking Violet in the ‘gate A fantastic local lifestyle local blog. Check out the article about Mumbler! (biased? Us?!)

Areyoukiddingney Another of our amazing Mumbler mums, Elizabeth Dimelow.

Mornings: How to Leave the House Easily

Nailing down the morning routine Was anyone else’s morning a big, hot mess? Every day I strive to do better but still end up yelling “SHOES” and “TEETH” at my dilly-dallying kids who think we’ve got two hours instead of two minutes. There’s no advice like ‘mum advice’, and the friendly members of Mumbler have shared…

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Christmas on a Budget in Barnsley

Whilst most of us love Christmas, it can be an expensive time of year with heating bills going up, presents to buy on top of all the food, drink and festive activities with the kids. (Not to mention the cost of all those batteries for the new toys!) But some of the most wonderful Christmas traditions…

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Elf of the Shelf Ideas

Have you had a Christmas Elf visit before? It’s loads of fun, and spreads the Christmas magic throughout December. There’s also the added bonus that the mini mumblers must demonstrate lots of good/kind behaviour for the elves to see (it’s worth it just for this, right??!!) Here’s a guide if you wish to have an…

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Roald Dahl Day – 13th September 2018

  Roald Dahl Day is the annual, global celebration of the world’s number one storyteller, his beloved stories and unforgettable characters. It takes place on September 13th which was his birthday. If Roald Dahl were alive today, he’d be 101 this year. Roald Dahl’s first children’s book was The Gremlins which he wrote in 1943…

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Packed lunch and picnic ideas for your kids this summer

Our new Poole Mumbler Maria has written possibly one of the most comprehensive picnic lunch ideas list I’ve seen!* Thanks, Maria 🙂 *Whilst ever effort has been made to list as many picnic lunch foods as possible, I’m afraid no guarantees can be made as to whether your Mini Mumblers will actually eat them –…

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NEW Online Learning Platform Launches in Yorkshire

Good2learn is a brand new, online learning platform for Primary school age children, built and developed in Yorkshire (Hull to be precise!). Its aim is to make life easier to support your child in Maths and English and to help them reach their full potential. They’re based in Hull, we asked our sister site (Hull and…

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TT Rock Stars have teamed up with Mumbler to offer our members 10% off a Year’s Family Subscription!

The code ‘mumbler‘ will allow the first 100 families to sign up for a TT Rock Stars family account with a 10% discount on the usual £7.20 cost. A family account allows 2 adults and up to 3 children access for 1 year.   To use this offer visit:   Times Tables Rock Stars is…

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The Selfish Giant at The Civic Barnsley

If I want anything for my children it’s that they grow up to be kind. The Selfish Giant is a heartwarming tale, told in such a way that even the youngest audience can take home the message that you never know where a little bit of kindness will take you. This adaptation is lots of fun, easy…

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Book your smear test now…

I was so excited when the letter arrived- I recognised it immediately and ripped it open at once… “YES! 3 years have flown past and I’m just so thrilled that it’s already time for another smear test!” Said no women in the history of woman-kind EVER! Like most women aged 25 to 64 (who are registered…

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Funding boost for new mums’ mental health

The NHS has confirmed that extra funding will be made available to improve the mental health of at least 3,000 pregnant women and those who have recently given birth. The £23m funding is part of a major programme of improvement and investment by NHS England which will see a total of 30,000 additional women getting specialist mental…

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